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Thread: Mystery lipo battery balance charging plugs!

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    Question peeps, Has anyone bought these 180mah 2s batteries recently?

    I bought these from the following link and the balanced charge plug is not the usual JST-Xh 3 pin male connector. They are something else about half the size. Because of that they don't fit onto my charger so i need to find an adapter for them!

    Any advice on what these are would be greatly appreciated.

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    Wanna Choppa (Axe FW) Short Circuit (HW RWs6) Locking Wheel Nuts (AW) DELLapidated bANTtery (AW) Lo
    Eastleigh, Hampshire
    Try this...

    Or you can buy eflight ultra micro to just battery connectors

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    Ah thank you very much for that link! I'll probably not get that because i'll have to endure hobbyking shipping costs, but the title of that item in the link says they are eflite UMX connectors so ill end up getting this:

    Thanks buddy, that was much appreciated.

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