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Thread: A200S ESC - Based upon the VESC®*-Project

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    Euan Mutch
    Robots: Triforce(HW) ESCS: A200S & A450S (in progress)
    Edinburgh, UK
    The A200S is a 200A 16S ESC, based upon the VESC®*-Project.
    * VESC is a registered TM, owned by Benjamin Vedder

    The A200S is now open for pre-orders!

    Preorders are going to be ordered on the 5th March if all goes well. Meaning they will be shipped out in the middle of April.


    • 18 FET design
    • Weight ~800g
    • Dimensions 110x105x30mm
    • Waterjet 3mm copper bus bars
    • Waterjet 10mm thick aluminium heatsinks (Stackable)
    • 8AWG cables for input and output, with choice of 8mm bullets or lugs.
    • STM32f405 Cortex M4 microcontroller
    • 6x 100v 1000uF High-Ripple United Chemi-Con Capacitors (2 internal, 4 on external board)
    • TVS protected 5v rail, suppied from receiver
    • 15-75v rating, 16s LiPo maximum (Rating at 80v (90v maximum) on the current shunt amps, so need a bit of margin to account for ringing/transients
    • 200A (13.4kW@16s) continuous for a few minutes
    • 300A (20kW@16s) burst for a few seconds
    • All standard VESC® features (CAN, SPI, Encoder/Hall support)
    • Same amazing VESC® performance with sensorless motors.
    • Designed specifically for combat use. Absolutely no heavy components on the boards which might fall off with shock.
    • Each unit is hand built and will be rigorously tested before sale using a range of motors. (100W, 2200w, 5300w, 9800W) If I have the motor you will be using then I can set it up for you before sending it.

    Testing status:
    Testing will be finished in the next few days. With just the sustained high current and high voltage tests to run.

    Current tests:
    100A continuous - Works fine.
    130A continuous - Works fine.
    150A continuous - Works fine.
    200A continuous - Waiting on motor generator pair setup
    300A burst -
    Waiting on motor generator pair setup

    ERPM Tests:
    120000ERPM - Works fine.

    VESC features:
    BLDC - Works fine.
    FOC - Works fine.
    DC - Etek testing to follow.

    PPM input - Works fine.
    CANBus - Works fine.
    ADC input -
    Works fine.

    Motor Tracking:
    Sensorless tracking - Works fine.
    Hall Sensors - Works fine.
    Encoder - Testing to follow.

    Motors tested:
    Turnigy Rotomax 1.2 (1.9kW) - Works fine.
    Turnigy Rotomax 50cc (5.3kW) - Works fine.
    Turnigy Rotomax 150cc (9.8kW) - Works fine.
    Revolt RV160SH 58KV (8/15kW) - Works fine.
    Etek-R - Testing Soon.

    Preorder price is £400 /unit for everything (Heatsink, connectors, cables, extra capacitor board) + shipping.

    If you need any changes to the heatsink, like threaded mounting holes, then I can do them for free.

    I will repair any that are damaged at the price of the parts and shipping. Plus a small free depending how long they take (less than £20 max). (If it is obvious that it was smashed by a weapon then it might be a bit more :P)

    Will post some pics and videos over the next few days.

    How to order
    If you would like to pre-order then please send me a pm. Or Email
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    Euan Mutch
    Robots: Triforce(HW) ESCS: A200S & A450S (in progress)
    Edinburgh, UK
    Last chance to pre-order an A200S, get your order in before Monday 5th March!

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