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Thread: Kart wheels to sprocket??

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    Has anyone have any pics or diagrams as to the best ways to do this?

    The wheels I’m using are 11x6-5 3 stud.
    I’m guessing the best way is to attach the sprocket and carrier to the hub (somehow)
    and use front hubs with bearings on a fixed shaft?


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    Hi, I've done similar on my robot, although no kart wheels. I had a collar machined up. Then the sprocket was bored out to fit the collar and welded to it. The collar was then welded to a back plate which was drilled to the wheel stud centres, then using high tensile bolts (not machine screws) I bolted through with spacers to carry the sprocket assembly. If the kart wheels are steel rims not alloy, you could possible just have the collar / sprocket assembly welded directly to the rim. Hope this helps

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