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Thread: Hydraulic System for HW

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    Hi I'm looking for a hydraulic pump unit 24 - 36v and double acting ram I would like a good one not too expensive.
    looking for about 5-7 tons on the ram and a speed of around 20mm/sec with a travel 100-125mm.

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    7 tons on a ram, with an affordable hydraulic unit. 200bar work pressure peak =63mm bore ram.
    3,1 Liter volume with 100mm stroke.
    20mm sec= 3.1*5= 15.5l/min , this is a lot for a cheap unit. (+/- £400 for pump, motor ,valve and tank)

    With a 2Kw motor you can get 7 liter/min@200bar or so.

    Also, that's about 9 kg...

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    Hi looks quite good.
    not doing much in the way of hydraulics for years and nothing in robots, would that unit comply with the build rules the main one not spilling any hydraulic fluid when inverted. also pressure test point for tech checks etc.
    How would you convert it to do this or would it not be necessary?

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    This unit will spill oil when inverted, and will need a conversion.
    On test points, the valveblock has enough threaded holes to put one in.

    What I would change. About everything.
    Replacing the big, heavy and inefficient brushed motor with a better power Brushless.
    Not using the heavy valveblock, but a solenoid controlled 4/2 valve with pressure test point and prv build on.
    The tank can be replaced with a kind of bladder. I have seen inner tyers been used for that purpose. (Kan-Opener uses an accumulator bladder)

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    OK that's helpful thanks.

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    One of the motors I had in mind for an hydraulic unit is [url:]this monster[/url].
    The 81 KV is about perfect to be combined with 10S LiPo and a 5.8cc pump.

    This delivers 200 bar peak with a 17L/min flow. A tad over your ballpark of 20mm/sec with 7 ton of force.

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    sounds good too

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