Been a long time since I've kept any documentation of my builds so might as well put it all into once place!

So, where are we currently at?


After having DTK for over a year of restoration after Robot Wars and trying to add my own spin to things it made its debut at Stevenage and it did, well, this...

Yeah, needs work... Tried to make the tail system solid on DTK and as I learned, that doesn't work all that well. So, after steering away from the pneumatic tail to take some of the mad complexity out of the equation for the modern live show arena I'm giving a sprung tail system a go.

Will it work, no idea!!!!

Going to do away with my 'anti-spinner' flipper and take it back to the more classic look, nothing like a bit of a nostalgic feel to her. Some very minor changes but nothing that will be that noticeable.

Oh yeah, almost forgot, that whole bit where the flipper came out of it's mountings, that's going to hopefully not happen again (Can never say never in robots but got to last more than half a fight)


For those who don't know, I acquired Bullfrog from the mad Dutch people at Team RCC. Not a huge amount will be going on there other than a lick of paint for now and just see how we get on. Currently sitting at 99kg so I have aprox 11kg to play with for aesthetic bits will happen once it's back running.


The only time I actually pictured the two together was when me and our friend Joel (HI JOEL!!!) got them back to the workshop, it's heavy shifting these things about but one for the fan pages here:

DTK and frog.jpg

Now onto the Feathers, seems I have more projects on the go than I planned... OH WELL!!!


My competition robot that with the help of my friend Adam (That northern fella behind Vulture from Robot Wars) has designed an awesome looking Horizontal Bar spinner for me. At the moment it's sitting in CAD land and some acquired parts but should see reality once everything is 100% finalised, I'll let the CAd speak for itself here:

Slam fw.jpg


Live show hammer build, nothing majorly to see here at the moment and I'm not going out in the cold to take pics of a pile of parts so you will just have to wait for those :P

Going for a 4wd hammer to be a little different. Got some drive bulkheads that I've had for years that have sat unused so rehousing some Neptune motors into old argos drill cases (Shock horror putting such nice parts into such housing but it's what they are cut for). Through robotty means I have the 6mm competition wedge from Hatchet that will be used so watch this space.

To conclude for now, many project, much bank cry but many robot happiness!