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Thread: Team Kaizen - Kaizen

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    Team Kaizen

    Osu, Ikari - AW / Shu! - BW / The Honey Badger - FW / Kaizen (Building) - HW
    Somewhere on the Wirral
    So a little change, I've gone back to the CIM motors I was originally planning to use for this and there'll be a little bit of adjustment in the sizes.

    I'll be releasing a drawing of what it should end up looking like for Grantham and then onwards to Stevenage. Provided The Honey Badger doesn't get too bashed up at Manchester, I can see no reason why Kaizen could not be mobile and running before Grantham. It may end up being Tanto v6 sized though
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    Team Kaizen

    AW - Osu, Ikari
    BW - Shu! (Build Thread)
    FW - The Honey Badger (Build Thread)
    HW - Kaizen (Build Thread)

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