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    Team Kaizen

    AW: Amai, Ikari, Osu, Ramu / BW: Azriel, Shu! / FW: The Honey Badger / MW: Jibril, Kaizen
    Somewhere on the Wirral
    Hey Everyone!

    So after a deal of considering what I know I am capable of building and bearing in the experience I have had with The Honey Badger, it is time to get started with Kaizen, our namesake's Heavyweight. I've got a rough concept sketch of what I want to achieve but whilst I know where to source the motors + gearboxes/chassis materials/electronics I want to use, I am struggling with speed controllers.

    I need something that can handle ~130A and brushed motors. I noticed that Big Dave 3's thread alluded to Turnigy Marine 180A speed controllers originally (but have appeared to have changed since) that look ideal but appear to be only for brushless motors. I know there are types like the Turnigy Fatboy, Vypers and so on but is there anything else out there would work for this application? I am not against reprogramming al la TZ85As.

    I'll be getting the cardboard/paper out to make a 2D mockup of Kaizen after Maidstone and I hope to get this done (or at least running at any rate) by August next year. I'll see about posting a cleaned up version of the concept sketches soon.
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    Team Kaizen - Build Diary for all the robots

    AW: Amai, Ikari, Osu, Ramu
    BW: Azriel, Shu!
    FW: The Honey Badger
    MW: Jibril

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