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Thread: Robot Fighting Documentary

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    Wasn't quite sure where to post this thread but figured this might be the most apt place (although I'm probably wrong). I'm a student from the University of Westminster and have been commissioned to make a documentary. As a life-long fan of Robot Wars, I would like to base the production around the robot fighting community.

    Me and my crew are looking for active members of the robot fighting community who would be able to introduce the public to the world of robotic warfare. This would involve explaining what robot fighting is, how you got into it and showing off your personal creations. In addition, we'd like to follow you progress through any competitions/live events you may be attending within the next month, as well as a brief look around your workshop where robots are built.

    Ultimately, the documentary would aim to publicise the sport and recognise the amazing community that has kept it alive even through the 12 years Robot Wars has been off air.

    If you are interested or know of anyone who might be, I'd love to hear back from you! My email is:
    Regards, Steven Attwell.

    P.s. I am also attending Robots Live in Stevenage this weekend. If anyone would like to pick my brains about it face to face, you are more than welcome!

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    Robert Keyes
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    Hi Steven, Team ARC will be at Robots Live this weekend - my day job is a documentary producer, so I would be very interested to hear what your plans are!

    Look for the ARC shirts/hoodies, we don't bite


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    Hi there! Glad to hear you are interested, me and my crew would love to have you on board. If you have an email I can send over all the details we have at this point about what the production will entail. Unfortunately I didn't manage to get vip tickets for Stevenage but will keep a look out for your team or hang around afterwards.

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