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Thread: Tamiya wheels onto drills.

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    Im sure ive seen this done. Can anyone tell me how

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    err are you sure they are not just using the tyres on some HDPE cut outs or on some nylon castor wheels

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    No. Theirs a tamiya wheel with a hub you can fit onto a drill. I remember seeing someone do it once. But cant find thread

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    We do it on a regular base, but not Tamiya brand. We use RC wheels with an Hex 17 uptake.

    Mounting them on an hex 17 spacer that is bolted/crimped/glued on the drillshaft.

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    I found a 17mm hex nut that has a 3/8unf thread so think that will work. I found some wheels too so i can use the lhd screw with a washer to secure it.
    Im just trying to find some solid rubber tyres but im not sure this is used in the rc world.

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    Not what we do. Originaly I used a M10 D3 nut (D3 stands for 3 times the thread diameter in length), what has an Hex 17 size. Some lathe work, making them up to the right length and drilling/reaming the center to 12mm, using loctite 368 glue and a few setscrews to lock that adaptor to the Original shaft.
    The 3/8unf nut and left hand M5 bolt are used to lock the RC wheel on the adaptor.

    And we use soft 1/8 scale wheels. Those survive fine unless a spinner gets to them. And even then the damage is acceptable.
    It's rare for us to replace the soft, light wheels after 1 fight. Even on the exposed versions.

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