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Thread: Chassis/Armour to weight ratio

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    Thanks for the link I've been following Ellis quite a bit.

    I've built featherweight in the past when I lived in Oz never completed but for interest, started as a robot lawnmower lol. HDPE great for featherweight monocoque but heavyweight forces it's too soft as a chassis I changed to thin aluminium as the plastic was melting in Queensland sun!

    No chance of that In Paisley lol!

    Those materials are great in a featherweight but too soft for heavyweight with robots like carbide melting face.

    Plus Ellis has access to tools I simply don't have with loads of experience and funds.

    Hardox obviously is the material of choice I just fancy something different.
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    Hi Maddox thanks for advice going back to Ellis multiple bolts like pulsar style in appearance I know it's a bolted bulkhead design. My gut is spaceframe and lots of bolts

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    Jamie McHarg
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    Going from Queensland sun to Paisley must have been a shock to the system
    Suppose at least you're just down the road from the Robot Wars studio!

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    So I heard and my cousin was the arena MC.

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