I've had people ask for some of the sketchup models I've made, and I'm going to post download links to them here, but I had the idea that maybe this thread could be just a general sharing thread for 3D models (of any kind) that people make for their robots, to allow those who prefer to do CAD to better plan their robots as a whole. So if anyone else wants to submit anything, just post a download link to your models and say what they are, and what format.

Please bear in mind that my models aren't perfect. They're pretty close to the real thing since I measured the part and then made the model. But don't use them as a basis for any really precise machining or whatever, since the dimensions are only really correct to half a millimetre or so, and some little parts are missing (like the screw holes on the end of the drill gearbox).

Antweight Stuff:

The small brushed gearmotor that a lot of people use for antweights (the gears themselves are not modelled):

The Dys 2300kv outrunner brushless motor that I and some others use for antweight spinners:

The 3D-printed wheel that Rory Mangles packages with his NanoTwo V2 Antweight ESCs:

The 3D-printed motor mount that comes with the NanoTwo V2 ESC:

A measurement box for you to put your finished antweight design inside to see if it fits. A 101.6mm cube with 'tinted' windows so you can see if any parts stick out:

Featherweight Stuff:
Drill motor with gearbox:

A Turnigy HeliDrive SK3 600kv brushless outrunner - should be applicable to similar models too:

Just a simple cuboid that represents the Spektrum AR610 receiver that I have (and many other types), can be used as a size guide:

Heavyweight Stuff:
An Etek ME1004 I made in Fusion 360, from the given schematic drawings: