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Thread: Choosing lithium battery brand...

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    It seems that the best brand is optipower - especially with the discounts through the forum but we am just looking at the different options available. I know this has been discussed before but can't find a specific answer to this query.

    What would be the downsides of buying something like this from a lesser known brand:


    Does it come down to reliability, safety or performance. Note that you can buy two of the above for the price of one optipower battery. Are optipower twice as good?

    Thanks again for the help.

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    General reply will be to go optipower. However I would much rather have 2 batteries than one etc.

    Everyone has their little horror stories with each brand, I have not had sucsess with the zippy series, dead cells etc but some people have a gold track record with them. All my robots over the past 2 years have run the hobbyking nanotech series without any fail, a couple of people have had issues with them but so long as you spec your battery properly you shouldnt have any issues.

    A decent charger will make your battery care much much easier too I will add.

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    Quote Originally Posted by harry hills View Post
    A decent charger will make your battery care much much easier too I will add.
    Any recommendations for an appropriate charger and PSU for the above batteries?

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    I got one from hobbyking that has done me grand. 4 chargers in one although they do two charger and single charger units. Quite honestly I can't bring myself to go back on their website as it's a horrendous mess but the charger has a black body with an orange / yellow trim.

    With regards to PSU, the simple answer is, one that will supply enough current. You can find many bench top power supplies that will do the job but if you are electrically minded you can convert a PC power supply for the job (it's not usually all that hard).

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    I use the product below for charging. Can charge all 4 batteries inside Dystopia at once, aswell as having a wide range of chemistries ect. Only issue is the interface is not the most user friendly at first, but once you work it out its pretty easy to change around the individual settings.

    With regards to PSU, im afraid i cant help you - mine is not longer commercially available.
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    Another +1 for the TQ4. I have one - am hoping to get a second once they're back in stock at my normal supplier as one is tied up with one of the businesses I work for.

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    I have the older HK 4*50W and the newer Turnigy Quadkore 4*20A. A single 400W makes the collection complete.

    Team RCC has a few more 2*200W and 400W Turnigies in the selection.

    Power supplies. A few 600W HK units (no longer available) and a 24V/12V 100A monster that never was commercial.

    I'm wondering if a cheap Chinese PSu can be seen as a "battery" that can be used in series or parallel... That would give options. Those "iron" LED PSu's are cheap and dependable.

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    Hi, having come from gel batteries to NiCad's in previous robots I found this very useful in bringing me into the 21st century, and deals with different makes....

    Seems to be good and in depth advice.

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    Some good reading there. Thanks for sharing.

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