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Thread: Total Newbie on a budget

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    I'm completely new to this and although I've looked around I can't really find any good general build guides. They all seem to suggest parts that I either can't get or are expensive.

    For my first robot I want to build a seriously cheap setup spending as little as possible. With a view to upgrading later if I enjoy the experience of building one, rather than spending a lot and having a big robot in the shed doing nothing that cost too much.

    Would the following parts work? If not can you suggest better for a similar price?

    Transmitter: Flysky FS-CT6B (With receiver that comes with it)

    Motors: 2 cordless battery drill motors.

    Speed controllers: (x2)


    I think everything else is easy enough to source from what I have lying around like the wheels and chassis etc. I would just like to know if those items above would work together.

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    That ESC won't work with batterydrills.
    It's a brushless ESC, ment for completely different motors. Also, even if you would change the motors to brushless motors, that ESC can mak'em turn in 1 direction, not reversing.

    Also, ESC's ain't something you should be skimping on. It is rarely a good ESC will fail you.
    The Ranglebox/BotBitz 30A or the way stronger TZ85a's are the primary choise in the UK.
    There are dedicated Featherweight 2 channel ESC's
    Robot Power Scorpions is a known quantity, but expensive .
    The German IBF 4.5 is quite a bit cheaper, and is rock solid. Even if the amp rating looks a tad low.

    The battery, too expensive for what you want/need. This delivers more volt (11.1 compared to 7.4) for a way cheaper price
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    Thanks for your reply.

    I saw those botbitz ESC's mentioned a lot but both are out of stock. I can't find the IBF 4.5 for sale in the UK, I'll keep looking.

    Thanks for the link to the battery, I'll order one once I've sorted the esc.

    Do you know anything about the flysky transmitter?

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    The IBF can only be bought from the maker, Reinhard. You even can ask for custom work.

    On FlySky, good stuff. We use'm to.

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    Are there any esc''s like the 85a I can get to play around with until they are available again? Something from eBay or whatever that won't break the bank and can be chucked once I get the proper one? Just to get started and the thing moving etc.

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    Hobbyking sells the TZ85a's , but programmed for Brushless motor control.

    The code needed to reprogram those is freeware. Some people on the forum can reprogram those ESC's.
    But I'm not one of them, and bought TZ85's from Botbitz and Ranglebox in the past.

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    Didn't want to start a new thread for a basic question like this so thought I'd ask here.

    How hot do the electrics get on a featherweight using a 3s battery, 2 drill motors and 2 30a escs? Is it enough to be concerned about or can I stuff all the cables etc together into a small space between the motors? Or should the wires be spaced out around the chassis as much as possible?

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    Heat becomes a problem when you start overvolting motors.
    But 12V motors on 3S, that's rather safe in that respect.

    Don't worry. Just keep wiring and such neat.

    A big bowl of electrical wire spaghetti in the robot just takes space, weight and annoys to no end.

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    Matt Smith
    I've run drill motors on 30a botbitz and 6s before now and they've been fine, so you've no need to worry in that regard. Can't recommend 6s too highly though lol

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    Thanks. I've put all the wires etc into a little box beween the motors to neaten it up and protect them a bit.

    You said you use the flysky. I have the CT6B and I'm wondering how have you set yours for steering? I can't work out how to make it steer with both wheel's.

    Ive got it so when I push the right stick forward and back both wheels go together.
    Then I've set the left stick to steer but can only get it to operate one wheel. What I want to do is turn the left stick left and both wheels rotate opposite directions to turn and the other way when I go right.

    Is that possible with the flysky?

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