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Thread: Just an idea, building a robot with no welding

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    Jamie McHarg
    Drumroll II, Carcinus, Onyx & Coyote
    Aberdeen, Scotland
    The butthurt is strong with this one

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    Quote Originally Posted by Olivia Grand View Post
    @ MACKEMFOREVER You was asking peoples opinion about building a robot which is bolt together.
    " I have plenty of experience" if this is true why are you asking about bolt together robots.
    I'm sorry if mere mortals such as myself voice our opinions and they're not to your liking!
    On second thoughts bolt your robot together and see what damage it can do against my inferior welded version, geez!
    Well that's an unnecessarily aggressive message isn't it...

    Now let's break down your post and make it nice and clear for everybody why you're doing nothing more than making yourself seem like a right tit.

    1) Throughout my degree I've done a lot of projects that involved various welding methods and since graduating I've done bits and pieces of personal work that required bits of welding too. That is clearly stated in at least one of my posts on this thread.

    2) The reason I asked for opinions on non-welded bots is because the idea of doing it that way is more intersting to me than a welded bot, because it makes the design more challenging and I like a challenge. Again, clearly stated on this thread already.

    3) At no point have I said that I believe a non-welded bot would be better than a welded bot. I haven't even said anything that could vaguely be interpreted as having meant that.

    4) At no point have I said anything negative towards anybody who has brought up potential problems with attempting to make a non-welded bot.

    5) Who pissed in your cornflakes this morning?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Liftoff View Post
    Wow! Calm down
    He meant plenty of experience in welding not building bolt on least thats how I got it
    That's how you got it beacuse that's the only logical way to have interpreted what I said! I mean, anybody with half a brain could clearly see that's what I meant.

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    Olivia Grand
    Well "Half a brain" is that really the best insult! "Pissed in your cornflakes" is that a bolt on insult?
    I could spend time and explain what you've clearly misunderstood, but i'm sure it would be lost on you!

    Best thing to do is meet up in the arena and let the robots sort it out!
    I'm only interested in winning!
    Olivia Grand is just my trial bot to sort out the cheese wedge flippers and the spinning bots.(They seem to be fashionable at the moment)
    From data collected the final bot will be built.
    Tempering and fabrication has been paused due to one of my rental houses being sold. But i should be back in full flow later this week.
    So yep my team will happily take your bolt together job to task and see if i can split it apart.

    Love and Kisses

    Olivia Grand XXX

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    Olivia Grand. If you want to fight heavyweight spinners, you'll have to enter the Robot Wars TV series, and that's on invitation only.

    You're working up to an invitation.

    Or Battlebots, and that's even more difficult to get an invitation from.

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    Pulsar (Robot Wars) + ~10 more.
    Madeley, Shropshire
    "Bolt together job"

    Lol. - ESCs, motors and gearboxes!

    Pulsar sponsored by: GWR Fasteners, K-Cut, Start Workwear and CorkCNC( Follow on Facebook & Twitter!

    Past builds: Tormenta 3 (FW) - Rango (FW) - Newton and Gonzales (BW) - Tormenta 2 (FW) - Tormenta (retired FW)

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    Olivia Grand
    Maddox 10, the invitation only situation seems an interesting one.
    The statement of fighting criteria requiring invitation only seems somewhat strange!
    So are you alleging the competitions are rigged in some form?
    The design my team is coming up with, to neutralize the inertia spinners and shape as a weapon may not get used after all then!
    I feel I will be using your statement and investigate with the various bodies concerned if this is the case.
    Last edited by Olivia Grand; 11th November 2016 at 14:01.

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    I just write that the Robot Wars TV show is on invitation only.

    The only arena in Europe allowing heavyweight spinners to use the weapon is the one as build by RoboChallenge and used by Mentorn/BBC.

    You apply, and the organisation BBC/Mentorn looks into the value your team/machine has for the show and will send an invitation or not.

    This was so since the start of the show in the UK.

    And Battlebots has a simular setup.
    Last edited by maddox10; 11th November 2016 at 14:28.

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    Euan Mutch
    Robots: Triforce(HW) ESCS: A200S & A450S (in progress)
    Edinburgh, UK
    I don't even. This thread. Lol.

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    Olivia Grand
    Maddox10 Thank you for your reply.
    However if the selection process is not seen as being transparent and only whats best for entertainment, this in it's self is wrong.
    You could end with a result whereby an inferior robot has won only because it was subject to approval for appearance.

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