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Thread: FRA FanFic: Respawned and Overclocked (R&O)

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    This forum section shouldn't stay dead... FRA Vapours interested me...

    So, I'm gonna try to make a 6 entry heavyweight vapourbot tournament.

    Entry rules
    - No flying or hovercraft robots :P
    - Clusterbots are allowed, but they must be at most 4 bots weighing up to 100kg together. (weight limits apply for clusterbots too, but only if ALL the bots in the cluster have the same type of motivation)
    - You can only have a maximum of 3 active weapons going at the same time
    - Interchangeable robots are also allowed, but you may only use 5 attachments for the entire tournament if you have more than 5 attachments.

    Weight limits for the robots:

    - 100kg for wheeled machines, machines with treads (El Diablo Grande) and tracks (101).
    - 110kg for shufflers (Son of Whyachi)
    - 150kg for true walkers (Clawed Hopper)

    The format of the tournament will be 3 1v1 battles. The 3 winning robots go through. The Grand Final will be one 3-way fight for the title of winner!

    The arena will be the 2015 Battlebox

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    kodster's Avatar

    Kody Kunz
    Coming soon...
    Etobicoke, Canada
    Holywha? A tourney? ON FRA FANFIC?!

    Count me in!

    Reserving a spot... I'm gonna bring back an old friend, and a new one. Oho...

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    Just noticed this - perhaps time to dust off an old machine:

    Black Panther for me:

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    I'll join if this ain't ARC

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