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Thread: A little bit of everything

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    In an unbrilliant place financially due to a couple of rubbish things coming out of left field so the culmination of a year or so of late night hobbyking and ebay bargins is being thrown at your faces! Buy my stuff! Help me make rent this month!

    All prices exclude postage. Can drop off at Burgess Hill if needs be but sooner I can get dollas in my greasy mitts the better. Thats working under the impression anyone actually wants any of this, which may be a bit wishful hah.

    Prices aren't set in stone but I tried to come up with fairly fair figures so there is a starting point. Discounts/combo prices are very much a thing

    Starting big we got a 800w scooter motor 36v 2800 rpm <-- One of these bad boys Never used in anger, just hooked up to power suplies to check running

    Order Now @ £25 and receive the world's worst sprocket completely free

    2x 25mm thick 16-1700g Hardox discs. 150mm dia M10 bolt/pin holes. Not amazing design but should be hard wearing at 25mm thick. Cost to make = £toomuch Can I get £25 each or both for £40

    Up next is everyone's friends Drill Motors! Can you possibly contain your excitement?

    These come in 2 flavours, 12v 36:1 all metal gearboxes (x3) and a pair of 9.6v Black & decker 30:1 slightly oddball(what do you expect, it's B&D) with a primary plastic stage. Good for feathers, raptors or just people who lack random power tool internals!

    Also on the menu are 3.5 3.6v 200rpm Electric screwdriver motors, Might be useful for someone, I dunno.

    £8 ea on the nice 12v drills or all 3 for £20, £10 on the pair of Deck and Blackers.

    What good are motors without wheels? 4 (poss 6) 100mm Blue elastic caster wheels. Happy to key them for use with stuff like saturn's + Banebots or fit them with inserts for drills.

    £8/pair + £2 for any modding hint hint

    Worried about 550 spares? Hold up fam I've got your back. 4 brand spanking new 12v 550 motors with 9t pinions. Direct replacement/spare for standard drill gearboxes, 36:1 gimsons etc. Also got a Speed 700 needing a new home. Not sure if genuine but it seems to fit the specs.

    £5ea on the motors. Cheapest you can really find them for is around £9 and these haven't even been unpacked or used. £offers on the 700.

    Now who doesn't need 6s capable 30a escs? Nobody, right? Hope so because I've got 3 poss 4 of the buggers. Perfect match for a 2wd feather drivetrain(such as drill motors), hardcore 4 or 6wd beetle or a raptorweight. <-- full spec

    Unopened unused escs £20ea or all 3 for £50 hint hint hint

    Blast from the past here, DX6 and BR6000 in a fancy case and everything. Second hand, I've never used it personally but the seller was a reliable roboteer. I would like not to split - I know the rx's are worth a bit on their own but then I end up with a transmitter useless to me.

    £offers. Sensible ones if you can. Comes with 3.5 Bind plugs. Worth it just for that IMO

    Dewalts anyone? an oversaturated market I know but I have a slightly obscene amount of them now. DW988 for the most part. Most have had new brushes put in and have been regreased. Have at least 2 decent batteries per drill if you are perverted enough to use them as they were intended. Chargers and cases if needed. I may have a slight addiction.

    Now, if brushes aren't your jam can I possibly tempt you with Random Brushless Motors? Couple of feather sized, couple of more beetle-ey sized ones. The inrunners far left are raptor legal. I can get spec on any of them on request.


    Now what fun are static motors? Grab yourselves some Assorted Brushless ESC's

    3x 60a Blue series escs one with simonk(poss BLheli) firmware for brushless drive (can flash if needs be) - £10ea
    1x 60a Spider esc with simonk firmware. I am 87% sure that these are just Blue series with a sticker on them Boards look identical. Snazzy black xt60 for stealth use at night - £10
    2x Trackstar 18/25a ESC's setup for instant fw/rev for use in brushless drive (less fine control than simonk/blheli) £15 pair
    1x 30a afro esc with the stock simonk firmware. Never used in combat, only spun one motor once. -£7
    1x 100a HK ESC, bought as a spare, never unpacked. £25
    1x Dlux 100a esc, bought as a spare, never unpacked. These work properly for robot use with no brake etc out of the box but still has a programmer. Can be used as a data logger if you're a nerd. £25 inc programmer

    Semi related is this Sensored Inrunner Setup. 150a esc, 2.4kw motor good up to 5s (esc good to 6s) Comes with two terrible sensor cables and one really nice proper silicone one (not pictured) ESC is programmable with a card, via usb (apparently)
    esc has been used, motor is boxed and new.

    £50 lot

    Do you love weird shapes of water cut hardox? Do you love bargains? Well then have I got news for you:

    2x super cool (but super heavy, about 3.5kg) 10mm thick 550mm Hardox bars, used on last years version of Massacre.

    £25 ea or both for £40

    1x equally super cool 6mm folded Hardox wedge. Never seen combat. 6mm holes (fits ranglebox's nutstrip) £30

    Not watercut but I do have a 750 x 375 sheet of 2mm Hardox £40

    Finally a few weird bits, (weird being relative here)

    some 60mm Omniwheels. Neat little things. Too hard/brittle for combat but cool enough little wotsits. £10 lot

    various Fingertech Foam wheels. Mostly used in beetleweights to great success, never used. £5 lot

    2x Fingertech tinyESC's. Perfect for an ant, probably okay in a beetle. I know a couple have (not stressful drivetrains though) brand new, still in their little plastic bags.


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    Hardox discs
    Hardox bars
    Hardox wedge
    Fingertech wheels
    30a esc's
    Pair of inrunners
    Afro 30a

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    Gary Cairns
    Hornet 2 - retired Boner - retired Smidsy - Sold 540 - Sold PP3D - Active
    I would just remove sold items from the original list as there's a lot in there.

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    Ceri Jenkins
    Raging MORG Kaizer Napalm Death
    Swansea, Wales
    or edit the post to put the word SOLD next to them.

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    Jamie McHarg
    Drumroll II, Carcinus, Onyx & Coyote
    Aberdeen, Scotland
    Can't send you a PM Harry as apparently you've exceeded the storage limits
    But received all present and correct.
    Jamie McHarg
    RogueTwo Robots

    With great power, comes great reliability.

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    Thats 6 years of never clearing my inbox lol. Done now

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