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Thread: HDPE thicknessthis

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    Jamie McHarg
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    We had 20mm (two layers of 10mm) on top of 5mm mild steel on Coyote. Carbide managed to get through it all in a single hit, deforming the armour but not pulling it off the robot. Harder materials can be better but HDPE is still good for some shock absorption. Just do what we did and carry some spare material as you'll probably need to replace it frequently if you plan on fighting spinners.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theo View Post
    25mm i should say, though you're probably better off with Hardox
    25mm HDPE=3mm Hardox. And that's not good enough either. Team RCC used 30mm HDPE on Obsidian, and that wasn't enough.

    HDPE as armor is "consumable". It works, but will need frequent replacements. And you'll need a lot of air behind it.

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