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Thread: Robo Challenge - 2013 FRA UK Featherweight Championships!

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    Hello Everyone

    We are delighted to announce we will be hosting the 2013 Fighting Robots UK Featherweight Full Combat Championships over 3 days at the Gadget Show Live, NEC. Robo Challenge will be returning to the UK largest consumer electronics exhibition as one of the main features. The Championships will commence on Friday 5th of April with the knockout stage and finals on Sunday 7th April. For all the details and to sign up please go to our site here - ... gsl13.html

    The format will be the same as previous years as we feel it has worked well. There will be updates/clarifications to the judging rules so please do keep an eye out.

    This year we are hoping to create a fantastic sporting event as well as encourage new people into our sport. We will be having intros made for all the teams from day one as well as creating a signings/q&a session for the winners.

    We are certain its going to be a fantastic event again. So, will NST defend the championship? Will we see the rise of a new breed of robot? Will Predator get very broken??? Its time to sign up to the full combat 2013 UK Championships!

    We wish you all the best of luck, sign ups are open!

    James Cooper
    Robo Challenge Ltd

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    Does the extra robot rule apply if its not competing in the champs, just in whiteboard fights?

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    The rules and entry fee only applies to the competition robots. If you have a whiteboard robot as well as a competition machine just bring it along

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    I guess its time to build a new cobalt..

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    Just what I wanted to hear after giving Drumroll a good beating at the weekend .

    We'll be signing up in the next few days when we decide which bots to enter. Very glad you chose to hold it here rather than in Yeovil, bit too far for me but Birmingham is perfect.

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    What is the deadline for signing up? We are having trouble getting our machines wired and tested. I really wish I had considered where the wires were going to run when I designed them!

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    Mid march will be the closing date for entries.

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    Looks like it's time to get to work on the upgrades to Inertia

    May have a 2nd spinner to bring along as well but we'll see how it goes.

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    Thanks James, thats perfect.

    Upgrades for Inertia XL? Ouch... what you got in mind?

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    I have a few changes in mind to solve a couple of the reliability issues and make it stronger overall. Not going to say much more than that until I know for sure

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