Deathly Hallows

It's alive!

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The wheels are fitted at least to the level I need now. M10 bolt padded out to ensure central and then washer and nut to clamp the wheel. It will do for my test bed.

Now I need to work on designs here are a few concepts I am playing with:

Code name: Evil K'Weevil
Weight: Beetle (could be scaled up)
Body: Flat
Drive: 2x2, any way up
Weapon: Core Cutter

Code name: Ali-grater
Weight: Feather
Body: Angled wedge to assist self righting
Drive: 2x2 drive
Weapon: Circular saw blade vertical, sickle clamp

Code name: Croc-o-dialbolical
Weight: Feather
Body: Wedge
Drive: Tracked or multi wheel
Weapon: chainsaw, clamps

Code name: Mr Cuddles
Weight: Feather
Body: Truncated square pyramid
Drive: 4x4
Weapon: Clamp and back breaker

Code name: Grimm
Weight: Feather
Body: Wedge
Drive: 2x2
Weapon: Twin scythes

That's it for now

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