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    Team Kaizen - Kaizen

    So Kaizen came out of Chatham in one piece which I was most grateful for, despite meeting a couple of spinners. All videos are from Team Ironclads

    Ocracoke Today, 02:01 Go to last post

    Attitude Adjuster (Beetleweight)

    Small update on progress from this weekend. I 3d printed a new weapon motor mount and combined ESC container and rear armour mount in some snazzy red

    scott Yesterday, 22:54 Go to last post

    Red Brick ESC Programming

    Hmm I wasn’t planning on flashing then but have got the AVR programmer from hacking TZ85As so guess I could. Mine is the version 1 I think, guess I

    Max 21st September 2018, 22:10 Go to last post

    Team Kaizen - Kaizen

    Thanks folks.

    Had a whiteboard match today with Audicious today, a fellow Middleweight. Kaizen did me proud, charged straight into it

    Ocracoke 21st September 2018, 20:12 Go to last post

    Team Kaizen - Kaizen

    The wedge looks very nice! Good looking angle, I'll be keeping an eye out for the results.

    Good look!

    Retroman 21st September 2018, 17:27 Go to last post

    Team Kaizen - Kaizen

    Looking good Michael, best of luck, let us know how you get on..

    Triceratop 21st September 2018, 13:17 Go to last post
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    BOB BW Series

    There's plenty of force in it too, this is what it did to 1.8mm titanium, and underneath it is 10mm aluminium

    Redirect Left 20th September 2018, 22:47 Go to last post

    Team Kaizen - Kaizen

    So Kaizen is ready as it will ever be. At the last minute, I fitted a 10mm thick polycarbonate wedge plate, primarily to square off the the side armour

    Ocracoke 20th September 2018, 22:07 Go to last post