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    Attitude Adjuster (Beetleweight)

    After an hour and a half and 3 dremel cut off wheels I have two wedges. The sheet of titanium I have was the right size to make two wedges out of if I

    scott Yesterday, 22:47 Go to last post

    Team Kaizen - Kaizen

    I have some Neoprene rubber strips that I was meant to attach to the front wheels but didn't have time to do. As for the sides, yes, same size box armour

    Ocracoke Yesterday, 21:42 Go to last post
    Team Helix

    Team Kaizen - Kaizen

    Yes nice to meet all of you as well. If all you need is grip, then buy a knobbly bike tire and fix it to your existing wheels using screws. You could

    Team Helix Yesterday, 21:06 Go to last post

    Team Kaizen - Kaizen

    Thanks, It was great seeing you too with your robots! I hope to see you next year

    Ocracoke Yesterday, 13:46 Go to last post

    Help needed — Quanum BE1806 motor to gearbox

    Hi everyone!

    I've got a query, and this one is a bit tricky. I have two Quanum BE1806 2300Kv motors for a beetleweight. I've taken note of

    Iain Yesterday, 13:24 Go to last post

    Team Kaizen - Kaizen

    It was a pleasure to meet you. Good Luck for your next Fights.
    PS: We were just able to Fight on Sunday with Sentinel which was more some Kind

    Samy Yesterday, 13:18 Go to last post

    Team Kaizen - Kaizen

    So Kaizen came out of Chatham in one piece which I was most grateful for, despite meeting a couple of spinners. All videos are from Team Ironclads

    Ocracoke Yesterday, 02:01 Go to last post

    Attitude Adjuster (Beetleweight)

    Small update on progress from this weekend. I 3d printed a new weapon motor mount and combined ESC container and rear armour mount in some snazzy red

    scott 23rd September 2018, 22:54 Go to last post