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    Robots Rule is a fan site created in the heyday of the Robot Wars TV series and was kindly passed to the Fighting Robots Association to be kept as an archive.

    You can still access the website archive here.

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    BBC Robat Wars Rules Debate

    true , we did change the firmware but as an extension of that there was lots of VESC tuning which is about the same level of black art as melty brain

    shakesc Today, 12:37 Go to last post

    BBC Robat Wars Rules Debate

    And if mods were not allowed, then Nuts would have been disqualified for having a meltybrain firmware upgrade . I'm with Mario & the others, its

    overkill Today, 07:02 Go to last post

    BBC Robat Wars Rules Debate

    If the machine stays in weight, anything is allowed as long the basics of the machine don't change.
    Because, if you go to far the other way, even

    maddox10 Today, 05:36 Go to last post
    Ed Deegan

    BBC Robat Wars Rules Debate

    Looks like I'm on my own here. Still seems wrong to me but I do see how the weight limit successfully stops most modifications getting out hand. I'll

    Ed Deegan Yesterday, 23:31 Go to last post

    Team Kaizen - Shu!

    Haha, sometimes they are magical to me as well I repositioned the motor further back onto the plate and it was a bit better, it managed to flip the

    Ocracoke Yesterday, 23:24 Go to last post

    Team Kaizen - Shu!

    Your robots are magical to me lol

    daveimi Yesterday, 21:20 Go to last post

    BBC Robat Wars Rules Debate

    Nothing wrong with tacking extra bits of armour on from scrap material, so long as the robot remains in weight. Rapid borrowed a sheet of HDPE from us

    RogueTwoRobots Yesterday, 20:48 Go to last post

    BBC Robat Wars Rules Debate

    To be honest flails are a uncommon and Nuts 2 got lucky (not taking it away from them loved watching them beat carbide). Really hope Nuts 3 goes "pro"

    Maxamuslead Yesterday, 20:17 Go to last post