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    Robots Rule is a fan site created in the heyday of the Robot Wars TV series and was kindly passed to the Fighting Robots Association to be kept as an archive.

    You can still access the website archive here.

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    Team Kaizen - Shu!

    So scratch the last couple of posts.

    I've taken the electronics out of Osu and put them in Shu! as the former needs to be rebuilt into a

    Ocracoke Today, 00:39 Go to last post

    Recommend a 3D printer

    I'm afraid to say you aren't going to be using a 3D printer to make usable pulleys for a featherweight. Beetle is pushing it. Ant weights love 3D printed

    typhoon_driver Yesterday, 23:29 Go to last post

    Recommend a 3D printer

    So to print using ABS I need an enclosed printer? I hope to build feather weights too so may want to print pulleys if possible.

    I'll do some

    supernova Yesterday, 20:31 Go to last post

    Recommend a 3D printer

    if this is all you want it for, then yes you can, remember, that some printers are not enclosed, so you may want to stick to PLA, or build a chamber for

    Roboteernat Yesterday, 14:03 Go to last post

    Recommend a 3D printer


    typhoon_driver Yesterday, 13:12 Go to last post

    Recommend a 3D printer

    I'm looking to make brackets, moulds, case for electronics etc. Doesn't need to be too strong... can I do this with the above suggestions? Thanks for

    supernova Yesterday, 12:05 Go to last post
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    Team Death - New Heavyweight

    Another Sunday has passed, and more progress to report.
    This weekend myself and Colin got together and worked on the bot.
    We started out trying

    Redirect Left Yesterday, 00:43 Go to last post

    Feather weight chassis

    I would agree that 10mm HDPE is a good starting point - my FW uses 10mm HDPE as part of the armour and has stood up to quite a lot thrown at it.

    Ocracoke Yesterday, 00:31 Go to last post