• Constitution

    1. NAME
    1.1 The Association shall be called the "Fighting Robots Association" or the "FRA".
    2.1 The aims of the Association are :-
    a. The promotion and education of all things to do with robots of all weights, shapes and sizes.
    b. To provide consistency with regard to event safety, arenas and robot build rules.
    c. To centralise communications, in effect be a library of contacts and to promote the sport.
    d. To encourage the setting up of regional meeting clubs, that are either part of the FRA or affiliated to the FRA.
    e. To endeavour to work with other associations for the betterment of our sport.
    f. To represent roboteer interests in negotiations with other bodies.
    g. To generally make the roboteer's lot a better one.
    2.2 To this end the Association may:-
    a. Provide a framework for the activities of the roboteering community.
    b. Promote meetings, publications, events, exhibitions and research.
    c. Co-operate with other groups and individuals both nationally and internationally to further the aims of the Association.
    d. Provide professional indemnity insurance for the Governing Body of the Association and its members.
    e. Cover the approved out-of-pocket expenditure incurred by members on behalf of the FRA.
    f. Obtain and accept contributions, subscriptions, donations, gifts, legacies and grants to further the aims of the Association.
    g. Endeavour to provide public liability insurance for members of the Association.
    h. Acquire, sell, loan or lease property.
    i. Affiliate to, or accept affiliations from other groups with similar aims.
    j. Invest money not immediately required by the Association.
    k. Carry out any other activity in connection with the above, which would benefit the association and would further its aims.
    3.1 The FRA is a not-for-profit organisation, which exists for the benefit of its members.
    3.2 Membership is open to all who support its aims. The Association has a commitment to equal opportunities and seeks to offer opportunities for all to assist in its work for the sport irrespective of the colour, ethnic origin, sex, disability, age, creed, marital status, sexual orientation of any of its members. In addition, the FRA will work to ensure that events run under the auspices of the Association are accessible to disabled people wherever possible.
    3.3 Voting member is an individual or team representative with a membership number who has paid the relevant fee. A voting member is entitled to a single vote in an election and is eligible to stand for election to the Governing Body.
    3.4 Member - in the case of a team membership, is any other named individual on the application form. They are not allowed to vote or stand for election to the Governing Body. If team members wish to have the rights of a voting member then they may join as an individual and pay the relevant fee.
    3.5 All members of the Association agree to abide by all rules and regulations of the Association including but not limited to the FRA's Code of Conduct.
    4.1 The Association shall be governed by a body of voting members :-
    a. Up to five executive officers such as President, Chairperson, Secretary, etc. All having a two year term of office to be decided by ballot of the voting members.
    b. Up to 15 Roboteers Representatives representing the interests of members. All having a two year term of office. If more than 15 nominations are received, then a ballot of the voting membership will decide the 15 that will represent the roboteers
    c. Roles such as Safety Officer and Returning Officer can be co-opted by the Governing Body from voting members.
    4.2 Governing Body officers shall not be an organiser of any roboteering event for profit within the term of office.
    4.3 The Governing Body shall consist of more roboteer representatives than executive officers.
    4.4 The Governing Body may co-opt non-voting members at any time. These people may be associated with commercial events and include positions such as:-
    a. Weight category representatives
    b. Technical consultants
    c. Webmaster
    d. International representatives
    e. Publicity officer
    4.5 If no members are willing and eligible for the positions of Treasurer and Safety Officer, the President, Chairperson or Secretary may cover their duties.
    5.1 The FRA shall host an internet website for communication to the members and to the public in general. The address of this site shall be http://www.fightingrobots.co.uk. The website shall link to an internet forum for public exchange of chat and information in support of roboteering.
    5.2 The FRA shall hold an Annual General Meeting where the full membership is invited. The incumbent executive officers shall present reports on Association activities, finances and future intentions. They shall announce any changes to the Governing Body established by recent election.
    5.3 Members shall be given at least 14 days notice of an AGM.
    5.4 The Governing Body shall direct the FRA through its meetings. The members of the Governing Body shall be given at least 7 days notice of these meetings and prior indication of the agenda. Co-opted members of the Body will take part at the discretion of the executive.
    5.5 Governing Body meetings shall rule on all FRA matters including guidelines and regulations for the safe and enjoyable involvement in robot build, operation and events. These meetings shall set the policy for activities of the Association and its representatives.
    5.6 Governing Body meetings shall review and make recommendations regarding events run under the Association guidelines. They may also discuss and offer recommendations on events run by non-members of the Association.
    5.7 The quorum of the Governing Body shall be seven. The President shall not vote unless there is a tie and a casting vote is needed.
    5.8 The executive shall decide whether to exclude commercially sensitive or personal issues from the copy of the minutes that shall be published on the FRA website.
    5.9 The executive has the authority to make decisions between meetings of the Governing Body. These decisions shall be reported to the Governing Body. A majority of the executive must agree with any executive decision.
    5.10 Where appropriate, subjects will be brought to public and membership attention by an official announcement on the forum.
    5.11 Roboteer Representatives are pledged with the task of representing roboteers at Governing Body meetings.
    5.12 At any time 10 voting members, or 5% of the voting membership (whichever is the larger), may require the executive to place a resolution before members of the FRA by email for the consideration of the voting membership. This shall be carried out within 2 months. The executive will request supporting evidence for the written resolution and shall be free to put down their own views as well. The Returning Officer will control the issuing and counting of the votes. The membership will have 1 week to record their votes. The ballot decision will become FRA policy on that matter.
    5.13 Membership records shall be kept by the Secretary.
    a. Member's names may be made available on the FRA website within a

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