• Rules and Safety

    The FRA publishes a comprehensive set of documents for Roboteers and Event organisers to ensure safe, fair and enjoyable competition for everyone.

    Documents for Roboteers

    Build Rules - The cardinal rules for building Fighting Robots.
    Code of Conduct - The professional standards required by the FRA as a condition of membership.
    Competition Regulations - Rules for running and judging FRA competition.
    EMI Guidelines - Electro-Magnetic Interference in Robots and how to deal with it

    Documents for Event Organisers

    Technical Check Sheet - Technical Safety Checks required for competitors at all events.

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    Project Squirrel

    Everything was misaligned. The front plates and the side plates were fighting for the same space, the bolts wouldn't go in straight and it all felt like

    Outlaw Today, 11:53 Go to last post

    Mobility power chairs

    Hi, I have a mobility power chair base which I’m not sure I need, may be looking to sell at £30.
    Has scissor lift but no electric actuator,

    Roboteernat Today, 11:27 Go to last post

    Project Squirrel

    What the problems ? As we could be able to fix it at Manchester

    Maxamuslead Today, 07:34 Go to last post
    Redirect Left

    Northern England & Scotland event startup

    As I touched upon in a differing thread, I am in the process of trying to start up a series of events, however to avoid cluttering that thread more, I'll

    Redirect Left Today, 00:40 Go to last post

    Project Squirrel

    Well, insert long explicitives here...

    despite 4 straight days of work, and a lot of pain in my body, I'm not going to be able to join in

    Outlaw Today, 00:05 Go to last post

    Team Pushover - Pullover (Ant)

    No worries, I think Ikari may have had this problem as well.

    It was awesome, I'll save on the details until you've seen it on Sunday but

    Ocracoke Yesterday, 21:39 Go to last post

    Team Pushover - Pullover (Ant)

    BOOM! I'll crack on with that on Monday when I get chance to work on it again, see what happens. Thanks for all the help, I don't think I'd have got this

    Retroman Yesterday, 21:24 Go to last post

    Team Pushover - Pullover (Ant)

    Sounds as if the NanoTwo is holding onto a failsafe state that would appear to include signalling from the TX at the time of binding. Try rebinding the

    Ocracoke Yesterday, 21:19 Go to last post