The Fighting Robots Association is the governing body for robotic combat and competition. Featuring robots that have competed in Robot Wars, Battlebots, Technogames and others our members make up a strong community of roboteers dedicated to the sport.
    As a professional organisation established in 2003 we oversee the safety of the sport. In addition to maintaining rules for building, fighting and judging competition robotics we provide a community for our members including an online forum and website.


    Promotion and education of all things to do with robots, of all weights, shapes and sizes.
    To provide consistency with regard to open event safety, arenas and robot build rules.
    To centralise communications, in effect be a library of contacts and to promote the sport.
    To encourage the set up of regional meeting clubs, that are either part of the FRA or affiliated to the FRA.
    To endeavour to work with other countries associations for the betterment of our sport.
    To represent roboteer interests in negotiations with other bodies.
    To generally make the roboteers lot a better one.

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    Deathly Hallows

    Deathly Hallows - Beetle - Evil K'Weevil

    Still working that design through. Getting under weight limit is killing me. Of course this is also all calculated as not drilled a hole or soldered

    Deathly Hallows 16th November 2017, 22:56 Go to last post

    Team Kaizen - Shu!

    Yeah, it will be (probably with a few weight saving holes). The rear and the sides will be also be PVC covered.

    I must confess,

    Ocracoke 16th November 2017, 22:47 Go to last post
    Deathly Hallows

    Team Kaizen - Shu!

    My current design is coming in not that far away at 240mm in the CAD.

    Is that the final materials for your base? I was thinking of 1.5mm

    Deathly Hallows 16th November 2017, 22:41 Go to last post

    Team Kaizen - Shu!

    Feeling a bit rubbish since Maidstone but found some time to work on Shu! Managed to place the drive and weapon motors on the 3mm PVC board I've got for

    Ocracoke 16th November 2017, 22:26 Go to last post

    Beetleweight Brawl 2018 (unofficial thread)

    Actually, it does have a fuse as a removable link which is a good point! And that happens to be a blade fuse. I like the idea of the LD Strip though,

    Albear 16th November 2017, 18:50 Go to last post

    Recommend a 3D printer

    I guess also, what are you wanting to print on it for your heavyweight? brackets for electronics or wanting to print gears?

    Roboteernat 16th November 2017, 16:27 Go to last post

    Recommend a 3D printer

    Back to the original question, depends what you want to 3D print with it.

    My budget go to recommendation for FDM printing these days is the

    typhoon_driver 16th November 2017, 15:41 Go to last post
    Deathly Hallows

    Recommend a 3D printer

    Thanks - and for £100 more you can get The basic Flashforge I see. So message is save your money.

    Deathly Hallows 16th November 2017, 13:49 Go to last post