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    The Fighting Robots Association is the governing body for robotic combat and competition. Featuring robots that have competed in Robot Wars, Battlebots, Technogames and others our members make up a strong community of roboteers dedicated to the sport.
    As a professional organisation established in 2003 we oversee the safety of the sport. In addition to maintaining rules for building, fighting and judging competition robotics we provide a community for our members including an online forum and website.
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    Skipdiving Robotics

    We already have a teapot robot, a toaster would fit right in!

    Theo Today, 11:20 Go to last post

    Skipdiving Robotics

    Coming soon! Lol

    daveimi Today, 07:30 Go to last post

    Skipdiving Robotics

    so the toaster in pic one isnt your new bot then?:P

    Albear Yesterday, 23:54 Go to last post

    Multiple TZ85 escs

    I've found Hobbywing stuff to be really decent. I used an EZRun 150A controller in Drumroll for its brushless weapon motor and in Coyote for the chainsaw

    RogueTwoRobots Yesterday, 23:31 Go to last post

    Skipdiving Robotics

    That's a good idea will try that

    daveimi Yesterday, 22:10 Go to last post

    Skipdiving Robotics

    Looks very much like how I am rebuilding The Honey Badger, not in a shed per se but in the lounge (and my office). Your soldering is much better than

    Ocracoke Yesterday, 22:03 Go to last post

    Skipdiving Robotics

    Had a couple of hours tonight putting my new drive together. Not sure how it will go but for thirty quid it was worth a punt. Haven't quite sussed how

    daveimi Yesterday, 21:43 Go to last post

    Multiple TZ85 escs

    Luna-tic runs two 12v drill motors on 4s, from one Hobbywing Quicrun, the duel output one (Rated at 60 Chinese amps). Completed at a live event with no

    cjsowry Yesterday, 20:20 Go to last post