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  1. Too many choices!

    I have been reading Ant threads recently.

    There are too many choices. There are so many cool ants out there and they look cheap to make. They are definitely on my to do list. But I have to keep focused and finish a Beetle and a Feather as I originally planned.

    I am ironing out the issues I had discovered in rendering the Beetle "Evil K'Weevil" in CAD. Initial design was over weight, with the original shape the surface area (so armour required) was too large, ...
  2. Is designing as much fun as battling?

    I am really getting into the designing part of the sport.

    Spent ages trawling websites like Robotshop,, technohotsonline, eBay and Amazon. As I am working on a beetle weight is critical. I am also getting to grips with OnShape. I am able to model most simple things that a vendor has a drawing for. Motors, hubs, wheels etc. The built in mass calculator also shows just how much I save by narrowing a plate from 2mm to 1.5mm or drilling out holes. This is making the exercise ...
  3. Getting into OnShape

    I came across OnShape and really like the tool based on my limited experience.

    Here is the website

    For an expert this is probably really easy, but I am rather new to this so it's taking me a while to really be able to do very much. What I like is the structured approach, powerful tools, 3D rendering, materials built in, and access to massive set of pre-built objects.

    So far I have only managed to make HDPE planes with slots cut or holes countersunk. But ...
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  4. It's alive!

    The wheels are fitted at least to the level I need now. M10 bolt padded out to ensure central and then washer and nut to clamp the wheel. It will do for my test bed.

    Now I need to work on designs here are a few concepts I am playing with:

    Code name: Evil K'Weevil
    Weight: Beetle (could be scaled up)
    Body: Flat
    Drive: 2x2, any way up
    Weapon: Core Cutter

    Code name: Ali-grater
    Weight: Feather
    Body: Angled wedge to assist self ...
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  5. Blinking Hell it's Crap - featuring Axle Faulty

    Still no luck finding a way to use those wheels. So I have ordered replacements with a slimmer bore. The original ones I actually found a really solid way to fit an axle but the drills wouldn't open wide enough.

    M12 threaded bolt bar, wrapped with some PTFE, nut and washer each side was so good! Fitted brilliant on the wheel and so solid, would have taken an elephant to stand on my bot to snap or bend them. I am keeping them and perhaps I will find a way around the issue (I saw ...
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